Robert L. de Zafra

8th ITPA Student Symposium

May 6, 2011, 9am – 6pm

Endeavour Hall , Room 120


9:00 am
Professor Minghua Zhang, Dean and Director
School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS)
9:10 am
Zhenhai Zhang
“Storm Track Over East Coast of US”
9:30 am
Minghua Zheng
“Applying Ensemble Sensitivity Analysis to Diagnose Medium Range Forecast for High-impact Weather”
9:50 am
Wei Yuan 
“QBO-ENSO Connection and the Influence on Tropical Cold Point Tropopause”
10:10 am
Cheng-En Yang
“Aerosol Indirect Effects in Radiative-Convective Equilibrium with Interactive and Fixed Sea-Surface Temperature”
10:30 am
10:45 am
ShuMeir Wang
“A Study of the Extratropical Tropopause”
11:25 am
Luping Su
“Measurement of BVOCs by PTR-ToF-MS in a Ponderosa Pine Ecosystem During the BEACHON-ROCS Campaign”
11:45 am
David Stark
“Microphysical Evolution Within Winter Storms Over Long Island, NY”
12:05 pm
Lunch Break
Endeavour Hall 113
1:15 pm
Xiaoming Xia
“Time-scale of Zonal Index is More Tied to Baroclinic Eddies than to the Jet Shift”
1:35 pm
Matthew Souders
“Tracking Rossby Wave Packets: Toward an Objective Climatology”
1:55 pm
ITPA Group Photo
(Challenger Hall steps)
2:20 pm
Parama Mukherjee
“Investigating the Turbulence Energy Spectrum”
2:40 pm
Sean Bratton
“The Influence of Synoptic Scale Atmospheric Patterns on Wind Induced Mixing within Western Long Island Sound”

3:00 pm
Kelly Lombardo
“The Evolution of Quasi-linear Convective Systems Encountering the Northeastern US Coastal Marine Environment”

3:20 pm
Michael Erickson
“Correcting Ensemble Model Biases for Future Use in an Ensemble Kalman Filter”
3:40 pm
Jungmin Lee
“Land Surface Modeling and its Influence on PBL”
4:00 pm
4:15 pm
Owen Doherty
“Towards an Index of the ITCZ in the Atlantic”
4:35 pm
Ying Chen
“Conservative and Accurate Data Transfer Between WRF and CAM”
4:55 pm
Jun Huang
“Constrained Variational Analysis”
5:15 pm
Peter Alpert
“Marine Biological Ice Nucleation in the Atmosphere”
5:35 pm
Concluding Remarks
Professor Robert L. De Zafra