Robert L. de Zafra

9th ITPA Student Symposium

May 4, 2012, 9am – 4pm

Endeavour Hall , Room 120


9:00 am
Professor Minghua Zhang, Dean and Director
School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
9:10 am
Peter Alpert
“Aerolization of Marine Biogenic Particles Under Phytoplankton Blooming Conditions”
9:30 am
Michael Erickson
“Discerning Model Performance on High Fire Threat Days by Clustering Synoptic Flow Patterns and Using the Ensemble Kalman Filter “
9:50 am
Seanna Forrester 
“A Novel Setup to Study Photosensitized Heterogeneous Oxidation Reactions of Organic Biomass Burning Aerosol Surrogates”
10:10 am
Jun Huang
“Constrained Variational Analysis”
10:30 am
10:50 am
Parama Mukherjee
“Study of Boundary Layer Phenomena Using ARM Data and Single Column Models”
11:10 am
Jonathan Slade
“Aging of Biomass Burning Aerosol (BBA) Surrogates by OH”
11:30 am
Shuaiqi Tang
“Evaluation of Precipitation and Circulation in Reanalyses During ARM TWP-ICE Experimental Period”
11:50 am
Shu Meir Wang
“Study of the Extratropical Tropopause”
12:10 am
Tingyin Xiao 
“Drought Study”
12:30 pm
ITPA Group Photo in front of Challenger Hall followed
by Lunch in Endeavour Hall 113
1:30 pm
Xin Xie
“Incorporating Sub-grid Variability into CESM”
1:50 pm
Wei Yuan
“Research into QBO Influences”
2:10 pm
Zhenhai Zhang
“Evaluation of CMIP5 Simulations of Western Atlantic Winter Storms”
2:30 pm
Minghua Zheng
“A Comparison of Ensemble Sensitivity Analysis and ETKF to Diagnose Medium Range Forecast”
2:50 pm
Jungmin Lee
“Land Surface Modeling and Its Validation Over Different Land Surface Types”
3:10 pm
Concluding Remarks
Professor Robert L. De Zafra