Information, Talks, and Publications about Atmospheres

This week’s Topics in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (TAOS) seminar will take place onWednesday, September 10, at 12:00 noon in Endeavour Hall 120.  Professor Jianhua Lu from the Center for Ocean-Atmosphere Prediction Studies at Florida State University will present a seminar entitled, “A Revisit of Climate Feedbacks: Understanding Processes Responsible for the Pattern of Forced Climate Change.” All are welcome to attend. For additional information, please contact

This week’s Oceans and Atmosphere Colloquium will take place on Friday, September 12, at12:00 noon in Endedavour Hall 120.  Professor Roy Price from the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences will present a seminar entitled, “Hydrothermal Venting in Coastal Environments: Towards a Deeper Understanding of Vent Fluid Evolution, Discharge and Cycling of Hydrothermal Elements Such as Arsenic and the Impacts on Microbial and Macrobenthic Communities.”  For additional information, please

The Friday Weather Discussion will take place at 4:30 p.m. in Endeavour Hall 139. Topic to be announced on day of discussion.

Faculty News

We are in need of new images for the ITPA brochures and web page.  If you can contribute, please send images to

Student News

The new student BBQ has been scheduled for Friday, September 19, at 1:00 p.m. in the SoMAS courtyard. Volunteers are needed for set-up and clean-up. To volunteer, please send an email to Gina Gartin ( All are welcome to attend.


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