Internships, Jobs and Scholarships

Internships and Jobs

Internships provide a valuable opportunity to test a student’s interest in various meteorological career paths and to extend his or her knowledge with real-life experiences. Many students obtain internships at a number of outside organizations such as the local National Weather Service offices and/or several of the local television stations.  Students can be awarded academic credit for internship experiences, which sometimes provide a stipend.  Internships have propelled several students into successful careers in TV weathercasting and forecasting for the National Weather Service and private weather companies. Other students have gone on to graduate school in atmospheric sciences or secured positions in local air qualilty/environmental consulting firms. Students also work in the software and computer industries because of their good computer and analytical skills learned from our major.

Several students have received internships at the NWS
New York City forecast office located at Upton, NY
(15 miles east of Stony Brook)
More information on careers in the atmospheric sciences can be found at the American Meteorological Web Site:  A Career Guide to the Atmospheric Sciences.

Scholarships and Employment

Stony Brook offers a wide variety of scholarships to new and continuing students, some of which are based on merit alone and others which take into account financial need. Each year a small number of incoming freshmen are offered a “Bright Light’s” $20,000 scholarship ($5,000 for up to four years) to be used toward their educational expenses at Stony Brook. The amounts are sufficient to cover full tuition and some stipends. Honors College students receive a scholarship for either partial or full tuition for one to four years. All freshmen women accepted into the WISE (Women In Science and Engineering) program are offered a first year $2,000 scholarship applied toward tuition. RAIRE summer undergraduate research fellowships provide $1,500 stipends, plus on-campus room and board to Stony Brook undergraduates to enable them to do research under faculty supervision. All National Merit Scholar Finalists and Semi-Finalists who apply and are admitted to Stony Brook will be considered for a range of scholarship support based upon their high school record and SAT or ACT scores.

ITPA undergraduates in their can also receive financial support for their education through competitive scholarships such as the Timothy Magnussen Memorial Scholarship and the Petra M. Udelhofen Memorial Scholarship

There are also a number of employment possibilities in the Institute, ranging from assisting research projects to helping maintain the map room.
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